However smart, strong or useful you are: you can’t just lift a 1,000 kilo stone with your own hands. To do so, you will need to cooperate with other forces. This is also how things work in your management team: you get results by combining your strengths.


All members of an executive team work together and each one brings different skills and interests to the discussion table. Executive team coaching teaches you how to work together as a team, to exert influence within the organisation and achieve results, regardless of whether it's a team consisting of new members, or one that has worked together for a longer period of time.


The coach helps you to identify the qualities of your team and make them clear to all team members. You will also learn to compensate for the aspects that still require development. In a few sessions, the team's mode of communication will become crystal clear, together with its impact on the degree of cooperation with other teams across the organisation as a whole. Your coach will invite you to develop even more effective alternatives to the typical ways of thinking, experiencing and doing, individually and as a team.


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Building a Leadership Team

The CEO of an executive team and its CFO, COO and CSO are all new to their roles. Only the CFO comes from the country where the four of them will begin their work as a new team. Each member of the team has to get used to the others and to the different national culture in which they will be working. The coach gives a number of intensive coaching sessions, during which the executive team will become better coordinated with one another, as well as with their own management teams and the lower levels.


All teams formulate increasingly competitive action points. These are checked at the next meeting and the success of the improved coordination can always be translated concretely into more sales and more (time) gains. All stakeholders indicate that the interpersonal atmosphere within and between the teams has improved!

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