Putting forward a solution to someone else's problem sometimes seems to be the best thing to do. However, we will guide you or your team to find the solution yourself/themselves. This produces structural change; you gain insight into situations yourself, enabling you to respond to current events.


The Institute for Interpersonal Communication provides the following workshops, among others:

  • Effective communication with, and influence on, different personality types
  • Team building
  • Dealing with stress
  • ​Optimising your 11 ICF competencies

The workshops often take place in a gamification format, but are always interactive. The content and format are tailored to your specific needs, and business situation.


Secretary General:

I notice that the departments that have participated previously actually apply the lessons they learned. Previously, there was little integration between the various disciplines in our organisation. Now the atmosphere is better and we work together more effectively! This training is unique: we recognised situations identical to those we find at work. It really allowed us to reflect on the issues! I learned a lot from it.

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A certain amount of stress is required in order to perform, but many people experience persistent stress for long periods with few moments of relaxation. We offer this training course to help stress sufferers avoid the adverse effects thereof. As soon as during the first interview, you will learn how to regularly process stress yourself simply and effectively with a technique that you can use during lunchtime or after work, for example. This interview can be held remotely, via telemedia and we will help you to apply our technique during a number of follow-up meetings. The total duration of this training is 3 hours in 3 weeks.

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