The only constant in life is change. As an executive, you are always occupied by changes within your company and in the market. To be even more effective, you also work on your own abilities. The Training Oud Ammerveld works with executives and teams on developing successful leadership.


Communicating clearly and unambiguously is essential in running a business, yet is not a given for all managers and the intent behind your communication isn’t always the message that is received. How do you ensure that people understand your story and come together to support the business goals? This is one of the topics that will be discussed during the coaching sessions at the Training Oud Ammerveld. Personal development, the development of your career and providing guidance during conflicts will also be discussed. Your needs determine the content of our conversations.

We offer the following coaching programmes:

All discussions are based on the Funnel of Coaching® - our specific coaching approach that underlies optimum interactivity.


After over 25 years, William Oud Ammerveld is still enthusiastic about his work and his customers. He coaches teams, but also coaches executives individually; sometimes on location, but also increasingly by telephone or other remote media. His area of operations covers not only the Netherlands but international management teams in various industries as well.


"People realise quite early in our conversation that they can discuss confidential matters with me. One of my clients thought that this would be less effective over the phone. But at the end of the conversation he said, "I never expected this: such a deep, meaningful and effective conversation over the phone!" I knew then that our conversation had produced results and was a worthwhile investment for that person and that company. It is fantastic to see how someone can - in one or sometimes a few conversations - manage to formulate steps he or she then actually carries out. There are few activities that offer such a quick and clear return on investment as being coached by an experienced and involved coach."


Coaching sessions from the Training Oud Ammerveld are an investment that benefits you immediately.

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